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McKeyla has brown hair and pale skin. She has deep brown eyes "with flecks of hazel" and frequently wears glasses. Her outfits,which are trendy and chill, vary from episode to episode. Since she is supposed to be undercover, McKeyla doesn't wear flashy clothes or jewellery.


McKeyla is very intelligent and has a mature personality. She often incorporates scientific or technical terms into what she says. She is extremely straightforward and blunt which sometimes causes her to come off as stingy. McKeyla likes to please and will go out of her way to make sure that she completes any of her missions to the height of her ability.

Special Skills

McKeyla is widely versed in a number of different subjects and fields because of her involvement in NOV8. She particularly excels at forensics and criminology.


From when McKeyla was a baby to when she was five, she was raised in Maywood Glen. However, McKeyla’s father disappeared after being accused of theft by Bobby Stone. McKeyla, Maddy and The Quail began moving around the country for various missions. At one point, she had a mission in Brazil where she learned to play soccer and was tasked with the notorious mission of the Bengal Tiger, which she refuses to talk about. When they finally decided to settle in Maywood Glen, McKeyla had the chance to make real friends.


  • McKeyla suffers from arachnophobia.