Maddy McAlister is the older sister of McKeyla McAlister. She is a highly trained secret agent working for NOV-eight and is known as The Nighthawk.

She is portrayed by Sarah Desjardins


Maddy and her sister, McKeyla, held a very close relationship with many fond memories when they were growing up.

6 months before Season 3, Maddy had gone on a mission and had not been heard from since. It was later revealed she was working for HAVOC when McKeyla had looked at the Havoc security footage. This led McKeyla's friends to believe that Maddy had gone rogue, although McKeyla refused to believe it. They interrogated Carson Lazarus, who said that Maddy would occasionally bring her lunch on Fridays, though she did not know the deliverer's name. McKeyla's attempts to meet Maddy and ask her what was going on came to no avail. Through a hidden spy cam in a suspect's jacket, it was revealed that Maddy was involved in the theft of the 3-Ts.


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