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Maddy Tabitha McAlister is the older sister of McKeyla McAlister. She is a highly trained secret agent working for NOV8 and is known as The Nighthawk.

She is portrayed by Sarah Desjardins.


When Maddy was doing a mission in Sumatra, when her sister, McKeyla, got her braces off, she sent her a glass unicorn.

Part 3

In Crate Expectations, Maddie locks Adrienne, Ember, and her younger sister, McKeyla in a crate that’s going to South America to keep them from investigating her. Maddie comes into Grady’s hotel room and tells her that she needs to leave. She notices a camera on Grady’ jacket and promptly destroys it so he will be safe.

Part 6

In Part 6, Maddy repeatedly shows up just as Max McAlister disappears.