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Devon D’ Marco has long black hair with cyan ends, reflecting her rebellious and artistic nature. She has pale skin and greyish-blue eyes. She often wears bomber jackets and combat boots.


Any passerby would assume that Devon is a cold and aloof person, considering herself as a "'me' person, not a 'we' person", as she states in her first episode. She is a talented artist, with endless creativity flowing through her. However, she is quite rebellious, often expressing herself through spray paint, causing her to be sent to detention. Devon instills fear in people just by looking at them at times. She can also be very sarcastic. Despite her cold nature, under her hard outer layer, Devon is actually quite sweet. Devon has a carefree approach towards life, not even caring to learn her peers' names properly. She carelessly calls Camryn "Pam", Bryden "Bree", Kyle "Lyle," and also made the name McKyle for McKeyla and Kyle.


Season 2

Devon is first seen leaning on Bryden’s locker. McKeyla asks her to move, but Devon tells McKeyla to move along. McKeyla refuses, but her friends pull her away. She is later sent to detention.

Season 3

Bryden finds out that Devon has a great singing voice. She attends an art gala and helps take down Kragen Vexx.

Season 4

Devon is recruited by NOV8.

Season 5

Devon begins to work on a graphic novel, and goes to New York to speak to a publisher about it.

Special Skills

Devon is highly experienced in a variety of art forms, including, though not limited to, painting, drawing, fashion design, digital sculpting, singing, writing, and computer graphics. In addition, her psychological knowledge has proven to be useful.


"If you girls don't mind, I'm gonna put the art in smart"

"Sounds shady, I like shady!"

"I'm an artist"

"I'm a 'me' person, Not a 'we' person"