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Carson Lazarus is a former member of NOV8 who trained beside the Quail.


Prior to Series

Carson trained to become an NOV8 agent with the Quail in advanced training when she was about sixteen. They were the tops of their class, but Carson snapped in a group wilderness training exercise. She was then terminated from NOV8. Carson joined HAVOC and became a notorious criminal, but was eventually brought to justice. She spent ten years in prison, and was released at the start of Season 2.

Season 2

In Back to Basics, Carson is released from prison and walks with her Uber driver to go home, but is greeted with the a GNN news reporter. The reporter mistakes Carson‘s Uber driver for her, and she immediately corrects him, saying that she is proud to have accomplished what she did in the crime world. She then claims to have reformed, using her taking up knitting to deal with her anger as an example.

In Trashed, Carson is employed by Sofia Attoms (Adrienne’s grandmother) to work as a chef at Café Attoms. She talks to her cat (who has a camera attached to it that Bryden and Camryn are watching) about her job in her apartment. She arrives at her workplace ten minutes earl, speaks to Adrienne, and goes to refill a sugar bowl, demonstrating good work ethic.

A few minutes later, while she is in plain view of patrons and the spies, Retro comes on television and threatens to start an internet blackout if several hackers aren’t brought to them in two hours. She tells a woman next to her that she’s glad someone finally saw her during one of Retro’s announcements, proving that she is isn’t Retro herself, just Carson Lazarus. The woman says that she thought Carson was a man’s name and walks away, and Carson calls after her that Carson can be the name of a man or a woman.

In Dam Fine Mess, Adrienne says that Carson has been a great employee, but she has been overachieving occasionally (making two-hundred macarons when they only needed twenty, for example).

In Bye Bye Birdie, she quits her job at Café Attoms. Later, she monitors McKeyla McAlister in her room and watches the young NOV8 agent get in a fight with the Quail. In said fight, McKeyla says that maybe she should go somewhere where her talents are appreciated. Carson smiles, stroking Catnip Everdeen, and says that she has found a new opportunity.

In Mission Totally Possible, Carson takes McKeyla in as a protege, but quickly learns that McKeyla is just trying to gather intel. She locks McKeyla and her friends in a cage and activates an electric floor, but is soon defeated and brought into prison.

Season 3

In Finding Maddy, Carson is interrogated by McKeyla and Adrienne. McKeyla shows Carson a picture of a HAVOC employee (Maddy McAlister) and asks if Carson knows who she is. Carson denies it multiple times, but eventually caves and admits that the employee occasionally supplied HAVOC headquarters with pastries. Adrienne asks how Carson got the croissants she used to make so light and fluffy, and Carson claims that she put on a milk maid uniform and churned the butter for the croissants herself. Adrienne calls her a monster, and McKeyla revokes Carson’s baking privileges.