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Camryn Coyle, commonly called Cam, is a main character in the series. She is a secret agent working for NOV8. Cam can invent wonders with just the modest materials around her. She attends Maywood Glen Academy, being close friends with Bryden, Adrienne, McKeyla, Devon, and Ember.


Camryn has tanned skin and dyed ruby red hair. She has brown eyes. Camryn is often seen carrying or riding her skateboard. She's about 4'11. And her very prepared backpack


Cam is an engineering genius and more of a tomboy. She is very bubbly and extremely loyal to her friends. She and Bryden share a close bond, with her being able to translate Bry's long abbreviations.

Special Skills

Camryn is a skilled inventor, with experience jury-rigging complex contraptions on the spot, as well as streamlined systems with more time.


  • When Camryn was young, she invented a device that could hack into the lock systems of her neighbours' garages and make them open every time she passed them on her bike, getting her into huge trouble.
  • The only time she got "acronymically stumped" by Bryden was when they were five in Maywood Park. A motorized drawbridge on the sandcastle blew a gasket and "threw her off her game".
  • If Camryn is ever birded, she wants her bird name to be “Montezuma oropendola.”


"Nailed it!"