Adrienne Attoms, commonly called Adri, is a protagonist in the series. She is a secret agent working for NOV8 and a culinary scientist. She attends Maywood Glen Academy, being a close friend of McKeyla, Bryden, Camryn, Devon and Ember. Adri frequently helps out in her family owned cafe, Cafe Attoms


Adrienne has sleek, dirty blonde hair and pale skin. She has hazel eyes and frequently wears glasses. Adrienne is never caught without wearing heels. Her outfits, which are mainly pink and white and have a girly-chic vibe, vary from episode to episode.


Adrienne is very intellectual and has a bubbly personality. She often incorporates Spanish into what she says, referring to her friends as 'chicas'. She is extremely caring and loyal towards her friends. Adrienne is a fashionista, choosing to save the world in style and refusing to not wear heels.

Special Skills

Adri is the nation's foremost culinary chemist, and can do nearly anything in the field of chemistry.


Adrienne grew up in Spain before moving to Maywood Glen.


  • She participated in the Junior Barcelona Gymnastics Team for 6 years


"Pretty brilliant, huh!"